Klimt became renowned following a variety of decorations of theaters he executed with his brother and a friend across Europe. Notably, his completion of work previously anchored by Makart which involved redecoration of the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna announced his arrival to the world stage of artistry. When he turned thirty, he created his own studio where proffered the practice of easel painting. Reportedly, five years later, he confounded the Vienna Secession. However, their emphasis on strong naturalistic themes compelled him to abandon the sect eight years into the service. Klimt faced numerous counts of violent criticism towards the coruscating physicality of his work. The realness of Klimt's work in representation of events in a society which appeared frivolous and happy. His physical portrayal of nature led numerous followers displaying his work behind screens to protect young viewers from their highly corporeal themes. Presently, Klimt's work is persistently evident in the color themes in numerous modern arts. The beauty exhibited by Klimt's work is that his themes are not randomly and unintentionally selected but are a careful decorative act that portrays the evident divergence amid elation and dread, existence and death. The timeless facets of Klimt's work and their portrayal of defiance to fate. In one of his masterpieces called the kiss, which was of a pregnant woman in a surrounding full of lilies, he portrays themes of peacefulness with oneself, hope represented by the new life to come the ultimate death. The evident of death is so abrupt in Klimt's work. In a massive number of his peaces, he depicts seductions of life as equally significant in the event of an abrupt demise. The absence of direct implications of doom in his work but the desire created by the peaces are cognizant of testaments denote the desires and anxieties of an age, its aspirations to contentment and to eternity. Additionally, the structural portrayal of his work evokes a gold ground that is analogous to acts of time negation in creating a peace of art that represents eternity.