Aubrey Beardsley is arguably the most significant English illustrator of the new art era. He began his short but illustrious career at the age of fifteen and by the time of his demise at twenty six, he had left an immovable mark within the cycles of art and craft, his artistry was inspired by the Greek vase paintings and his ambition and talent lead to the development of a perverse but playful theatrical style of art. His Practical portrayal of artistic elegance is comparable to the objective decorations found in Islamic palaces. Critical of his ironic use of the depraved theme of the evil emasculating female. Additionally, his characters were often bizarre. Most these portrayal were in reference to his being a homosexual. However, the ability of his work to evoke a sense of wonder, deliberation and a deeply sited veneration puts significantly conjured the themes of the art nouveau. Finally, Beardsley took his art work so seriously and is often motioned to have affectionately talked about his drawings. His work in the use of black and white colors until presently, remains unrivaled.