Egon Schiele was a renowned artist with credit for numerous masterpieces of the art Nouveau era. Apparently, his generation viewed him as the direct successor to the illustrious Gustav Klimt. However, his early demise left behind an unachieved dream. Many writers like agree that his uncharacteristic skills and temperament is attributable to his upbringing and unique relations backdrop. Borne to an Austrian Rail road worker at the onset of the European art resurgence who later died while was still at tender age. The manner of his father's death and his dislike of his mother significantly contributed to the themes he developed in his paintings. Klimt introduced Schiele to the legendary Wiener Werkstutte where he made textile designs. Apparently, his involvement in this institute afforded him the opportunity to showcase his maiden exhibition in Klosterneuberg. Purportedly, towards the close of that century, he established his own studio. His work at this studio had a characteristic influence of his unusual interest in youthful girls who dictated numerous themes of his drawings. Most of his earlier works were erotic portraits of these youthful girls while his potential clients were pornography enthusiasts who were countless in Vienna at the time. However, his continued involvement with under age girls leads to cruel treatments from certain towns. Schiele died of influenza later on in 1918 amid the First World War.